About me

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph.”
— Andre Kertesz

I am Olga Fiskus, a passionate photographer of people. A now live in two regions: mostly in Valencia, Spain and also next to Budapest, Hungary. However, if you need me, I’ll pack my stuff and go wherever I am needed.

A started engaging in photography as a kid, as watching my father to dry his images and then exploring the secrets of the analog film camera. And then I have got a gift a digital camera as a gift and the world opened up.

I really enjoy working and communicating with people, and I am good with kids also. As an event photographer I try to remain invisible, blending into the background while taking pictures.

After 10 years of photographing people, I can say I’ve worked with a tremendous amount of individuals and helped them to have great captures of themselves. As I speak English, German, Hungarian and Spanish and I am really interested in you, I think I can make being photographed a pleasant adventure.

Let’s work together!